How does the PEAK IELTS Program work?

The Peak IELTS Program has been specially designed to provide you with the tools and skills you need to pass the IELTS test on your first attempt. We will show you how to manage your time, apply the skills you’ve learned, and add those special touches that will raise your Speaking and Writing bands.Here’s how we’ll do it:


This course is designed for those at the intermediate English level (under band 6). The course is set up to provide you with a strong base of vocabulary, grammar and structures knowledge, the specific skill sets for the IELTS, as well as actual IELTS practice. Our main focus is on building not only your abilities, but your confidence as well.

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Session 1: Foundations

(4 weeks)

      • Learn how to build your vocabulary to the level that is required by the IELTS exam
      • Review basic grammar rules and structures, specifically those that will aid your writing and reading abilities
      • Practice makes perfect—exercises and quizzes conducted regularly to help you retain the knowledge you gain in this course
      • Weekly practice tests—in the style of IELTS


Session 2: Skills

(4 weeks)

      • Gain the specific skill sets that will help you pass the IELTS exam—skimming and scanning, key words, paraphrasing, etc.
      • Learn to manage your time so as to complete every section with little stress
      • Learn strategies for each section of the test
      • Weekly practice tests with actual IELTS material


Session 3: IELTS Practice

(4 weeks)

      • Practice each section of the test, with extra strategies, tips, and tools for each part
      • Focus on specific elements of each section and each part, including question types and approaches
      • Lots and lots of drills (exercises)
      • Weekly full IELTS exam practice, including the Speaking section


Advanced IELTS

These sessions are designed for those with a strong enough base who need a little extra help to raise their score from a 6 to a 7 or 7.5. Each session provides its own materials for those who need extra practice.

Every session

(4 weeks)

  • Vocab building and essential grammar review
  • Special structures and tools for the Writing and Speaking sections
  • Section-by-section review: question types and analysis; approaches, strategies, and common errors
  • Daily drills to reinforce the strategies and tips gained in class
  • Weekly complete exam practice using real IELTS tests (including Speaking section)
  • Full assessments of Writing and Speaking sections of weekly tests.

Mock Exams

For those who self-study but want to experience the IELTS exam atmosphere before taking the official test, we offer weekly mock exams, including the Speaking section. You will receive a full score via email, including feedback on the Writing and Speaking sections. Gain your confidence with us; be prepared for test day.