Why Us?


At PEAK College we are so confident in our IELTS program that we guarantee good results.

How can we guarantee your success?

We team up great trainers with great students, like you, to work hard and make sure you are ready for every aspect and every section of the test.

What We Offer:

  • Professional, experienced, and dedicated IELTS/CELPIP trainers. They know the test inside out and how to strengthen your weak area(s)

  • An intensive program to build your fundamental understanding of English and provide you the necessary tools, skills, and strategies to tackle each section of the test.

  • Regular feedback on the active skills (speaking, writing) so that you become aware of your errors and avoid repeating them.

  • Frequent tests, daily and weekly homework to push you to your limits.

  • Confidence in your abilities. Confidence in speaking with an interviewer. Success on test day.

What You Offer:

  • The decision to succeed—this means that you commit to hard work and daily practice.

  • Regular class attendance—you will come to every class and every test practice on time.

  • A good attitude—you will come prepared for every class and participate in the lessons.

Together, we all succeed.